Joe Blake and Mike Bonner

You’re the God of new beginnings
You restore the desert place
You’re sufficient and surpassing
You wipe every tear away

These are our joyful proclamations
We come alive in You
Through every season, You are faithful
You’re making all things new

Proclaim! Our God saves
With open arms, He welcomes us again
Sing! Our God saves
With open arms, we’re calling on His name

You’re the God of great reversal
You repair what seems in vain
You’re the harnesser of hardship
You give fullness in exchange

So overflow, let Your grace run deep
Transform our hearts and let us see
Your love break through the darkest parts
Of this world You love so much

Chord Sheet

Fix My Eyes on You
Ollie Bennett

When life feels so uncertain
And the days so insecure
When the world conspires against me
And I need somewhere to turn

Pressing on past my feelings
Through the storm of my emotions
You alone are my hiding place
Leaning on You my saviour
Holding on through the fire
You are strong, great and mighty to save

I will stand my ground for You are with me
Know the hope I’ve found will never leave me
You are all I need and I surrender
And fix my eyes on You, Jesus

When troubles come my way Lord
Give strength to persevere
I’ll not give up this race Lord
I’ll run as if to win

Without the way of the cross, there is no resurrection
Teach me the way of the cross, my light and my salvation
Without the way of the cross, there is no resurrection

Teach me the way of the cross, my light and my salvation!

Chord Sheet

There is Light
Bean Baker, Ollie Bennett and Joe Blake

There is light at the end of the tunnel
Though the road’s long and narrow
Your light will never fade
There is hope and strength for tomorrow
As I stand firm and follow
You’ll lead me through today

So glorious, Your love for us
New everyday, torrential mercies roar
I leave behind! my own desires
I make my goal to fulfil Yours

I choose to go where You call me to
I will follow after You
All that I have, all that I am
Is Yours, is Yours

There is light that springs from the shadow
Joy that grows out of sorrow
As I give myself away
I am blessed at the end of my tether
That’s where You make me better
Than whatever comes my way

You spoke and the world was created
Your word bringing life to my very soul
Where else can I find my true purpose

But You, Jesus

Chord Sheet

Reaching Out (The Holy is at Hand)
Joe Blake and Shaun Russell

The Holy is at hand, He’s moving as we gather
Where every promise and perfect plan comes together
Through lowlands, over peaks, He tends us with a passion
Horizons wait beyond what I see or imagine

We’re reaching out
We’re reaching out
To the one who claims our failings
And gives to us victory

The Holy is at hand, in Him I am empowered
There’s purpose in the portion I have, in this hour
In binding with my kin, abiding in my saviour
My future’s sealed with His fingerprint, sealed with favour

The Holy is at hand, we step into His presence
We set our gaze upon Him with thanks and with reverence
United we will stand, for each of us is chosen
The hope bought by the holes in His hands can’t be stolen

Reach out in faith
Reach out in hope
Reach out in love
To the Holy one

Chord Sheet

The Cross
Joe Blake

Never again am I written off
Never again am I down and out
I’m elevated by the cross
From the shadow of my doubt
So get away from me Satan, go
The cross completed your defeat
God had put sin in the ground
Breaking through what would break me

The cross is where it all had changed
Your blood has left it’s mark
You won the war to save my soul
So stake Your claim on this heart

Abba Father, I am Your child
Your love stampeded all I’ve defiled

You dress me up in holy clothes
You smile and wrap me tight
You lay a feast before my eyes
And seat me at Your side

Chord Sheet

My Father’s Eyes
Joe Blake, Gabby Gaffney and Bean Baker

The scribe of stars
Of every grain of sand, each race and clan
Yet close to us
For any who believe, the offer stands
Be born again
And know the One who handmade time and space
Came for us all
And was broken in our place

You reach me when I sink too deep
You enfold me when the climb’s too steep

For God so loved
His only son went to the grave and back
Revealed to us
The greatest gift mankind has ever had
Our saving grace
He crowned us heirs of everlasting life
I’m heaven bound
And affirmed in the divine

I am a vision realised
I am the sparkle in my Father’s eyes
I am His joy and His pride
So why would I even consider otherwise
He broke His own heart to heal mine
He loves me

It’s not too late
Against all odds, You give new lease of life
The fact remains
In fear and wonder I have been designed
And when I stray
My shame and condemnation have no place
Your final word
Is You love me anyway

Nothing can separate us from Your love
No, nothing can separate us from Your love
No, nothing can separate us from Your love
No, nothing can separate us from Your love

Chord Sheet

Joe Blake

Just look at the view
How far we’ve come
All that God has done
Let us seize today
And claim this ground
Hell can’t stop us now

Chord Sheet

Battle Cry
Joe Blake

Let us arise now, rally together
Heeding the call to arms, awaken
Let’s come alive now, put on salvation
Fly heaven’s banner high, then through the storm we fight

Be not afraid now, be not mistaken
Even when our own faith is shaken
Our God is for us, here now and always
Darkness is fleeing fast ‘cause Jesus is alive

Angels in chorus are sounding the charge
Lifting a battle cry in the name of the Father
Armed with Your truth we are guarding our hearts
Lifting a battle cry in the name of the Father

The old life is gone now, strides are made forward
As God shines His guiding light before us
See the walls shatter as we meet our calling
The father of lies may fight, but the war’s already won

All hail to our hell-binding King
We brace ourselves for limitless things
Once more He barricades us from our sin
So let’s go to war for the gospel to sink in

Chord Sheet

Audience of One
Joe Blake

This is our heart to heart
Lord come and take mine apart
Reconstruct me just as You first conceived
The piece that I’ve been missing
Is the same love You’re giving
God of plenty, there’s no place I would rather be

Now I am living for an audience of one
My heart is racing solely for Your kingdom come

There is beauty in these ashes
And the best is yet to come
I strip away all that lowers my sights
God, lead the way through every juncture in my life
I resign it, wholehearted, my audience of one
I choose You

This is a brand new start
New life from my dead-end past
Redefine me with counterculture thinking
I am a new creation
Partnered in resurrection
God, count me in, may my answer ever be

Down on my knees again is where I make my stand
Where life is turned around by the only one who can
I’m letting go this so-called comfort and control
I resign it, wholehearted, my audience of one
Single-minded, I’m pining for the unconditional

Chord Sheet

Love Like That
Joe Blake and Ollie Bennett

Love, rain down over me
Enough to tip the scales
To flip my world head over heels
Love, break new ground in me
Let it soak me through
And see this shackled heart see free

Love, teach me harmony
Like a breath of fresh air
That turns the tide inside of me
Oh love, reach new depths in me
Quenching every pore
And pouring out for all to see

Do as he does, love just as He loves
As love floods in, it covers all our imperfections
It’s undeserved, extravagant and never wavers
Can we love like that

Forgive as He forgave us
Displace our hurt with trust
In the name of Jesus
In His love so glorious

Chord Sheet

Refine Me
Sam Blake and Joe Blake

As for me, I will serve the Lord
Make me more like You, God
Make me more like You
Holding lightly to what I have
Make me more like You, God
Make me more like You

Refine me
Refine me
Refine me
Refine me

With this step, I defy my fears
Make me more like You, God
Make me more like You
Holding out through my circumstance
Make me more like You, God
Make me more like You

Search me, oh God
Now purify me
Draw all my motives close to Your way
Test me, oh God
Now fortify me
Teach me what real faith means
As You refine me
Refine me

To die to self, to live for You
To fall to my knees, to rise to the challenge now

Make me more like You, God
Make me more like You, God
Make me more like You

Chord Sheet

Consider Him
Joe Blake

Consider Him who has endured such opposition
So that we would take heart in our own position
Consider Him who ransomed our lives for a vision
So that we would lose Him under no condition

Consider Him who has delivered God’s acceptance
So that we could savour each day in His presence
Consider Him whose lifework has secured deliverance
So that through Him we will fall to no resistance

He walked on water, baptised in fire
He parted oceans, raised dead to life
He stood the sun still, but still I find
The miracle was He gave His life for mine

My soul longs for this
To reside
Closely with Him

Chord Sheet

Set Me on Fire
Bean Baker

Set me on fire
Let me burn bright
Carry this life giving light to the night
Saturate my very soul
I give You all
I give You all

I won’t back down
I know what I’ve found
Glory to God in the highest now
For Your good news changes lives

So I surrender all to Your cause
Here I am, send me
Not my will, but Yours
For I know You’re with me
So who can stand against?

Chord Sheet

This I Know
Bean Baker and Joe Blake

I know these troubles will not last long
Cause in Your presence I can stand strong
For the life You gave, may my own respond
Let not my will but Yours be done

I can do all things through Christ who give me strength
I can do all things through Christ who give me strength

This I know
You’ve got me
You hold me in Your arms
You hold me in Your arms

Chord Sheet